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What is the Application process?

How do I apply?

Click here to go to REGISTER FOR PLC

2021 applicants should express their interest in a CCFE PLC course using the above red tab, REGISTER for PLC.  The college will then make contact with you to progress your application using the information received from
There are a number of Terms and Conditions which we are obliged to maintain for our and your  mutual protection. Please click on Terms and Conditions to access and read these policies.
Terms of Conditions
By clicking to Apply Online Now I accept the terms and conditions as outlined and indicate that I wish to proceed with the application.
Register with for PLC Courses at Castlebar College of Further Education

  • Applications are made online at
  • There is an initial, non-refundable Application Charge of €50, payable at the time of application
  • The additional college fees apply

What does an ‘Exemption’ mean?

Part of the fee includes a Government Levy of €200 and a QQI Examination Fee, currently €50 for Level 5 programmes and €80 for Level 6 programmes.

The following categories are exempt from both of these fees:

  • Current Medical Card Holders (up-to-date medical cards to be presented at interview)
  • VTOS dispersed students
  • Students awarded Back to Education Allowance from INTREO
  • Documentation must be provided to College Office to avail of any exemptions

Recipients of the Student Grant ( are exempt from the €200 Government Levy ONLY. Clear, original, up-to-date evidence must be provided to CCFE to avail of any exemption.

Garda Vetting

Garda Vetting is a mandatory requirement for certain programmes. You will have to successfully complete this process on admission.

Additional Information

The cost of using printers/paper and handouts to students is included in the Student Services fee. However, an additional charge for excessive printing may be applied on an individual basis.

Student Support

Castlebar College of Further Education takes a holistic view to further education. Management and staff support and encourage students at every opportunity. If a student needs individual vocational, educational or personal guidance, appointment can be made to see our Guidance Counsellor, Ms Áine Coyne.

Students with Disabilities

We welcome students with a Disability or a Specific Learning Difficulty and every effort will be made to accommodate students (subject to the resources of the College) and on receipt of up-to-date supporting documentation, such as Consultant Report or Psychological Report. Applications should tick the box marked SLD/DIS when making the online application and disclose further details at the interview.